The Stony Run Watershed – Investments Help Local Agriculture and Community

District Nutrient Management Specialist/Agriculture Conservation Technician Dan Griffith measures the height of a stormwater diversion channel beside a recently constructed manure stacking facility at a farm in the Stony Run Watershed.

The Stony Run Watershed is located in northeastern Westmoreland County north of Derry. From its headwaters, it flows north seven miles to the Conemaugh River and drains a total of 13 square miles. Although small, this watershed has been identified as one of the highest in Westmoreland County in the amount of sediment and nutrient pollution.

Westmoreland Conservation District Nutrient Management Specialist/Agriculture Conservation Technician Dan Griffith has been coordinating improvements on farms in the Stony Run Watershed to significantly reduce this pollution with funding provided by PA Growing Greener and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP).

A variety of conservation best management practices were recently installed on the Ken Laughlin farm to protect Stony Run including a riparian buffer nearly a mile long, an animal walkway, two animal stream crossings and a manure storage area.

Now it’s farmer Rick Duncan’s turn. Conservation best management practices currently being installed on the Duncan farm include a roofed heavy use area for animals, spring development, water trough, diversion ditch and gutters and downspouts on the barn – all to help keep stormwater from washing excess nutrients into the Stony Run.

We are currently looking for more farms in the Stony Run watershed where such conservation best management practices can be installed in the future.


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