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Turtle Creek Watershed


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Loyalhana Creek Watershed


  Growing Greener Projects
GreenForge – A project using innovative stormwater management controls and energy conservation practices for the redevelopment of an existing building on the Donohoe Road. Work included installation of a green roof, native landscaping, bioretention, and infiltration paving for parking areas. This project was completed in fall of 2007.
Greensburg Parking Lots – The City of Greensburg enlisted the Westmoreland Conservation District’s help to create new surface parking lots with sustainable stormwater management facilities.  In need of more parking to service an increase in the downtown workforce, the City demolished several acres of vacant properties and constructed parking facilities for nearly 300 cars.  Sustainable stormwater management facilties used include porous pavements, underground infiltration chambers, infiltration swales and rain gardens.
  Other Important Conservation Projects
Landowner Reclamation Program – The Landowner Reclamation Program was initiated in 1984 as a means to allow interested landowners to reclaim low-priority bond forfeiture abandoned mine sites on their property. These low-priority mine sites are many, many years from being reclaimed, if ever, under the Department of Environmental Protection’s reclamation program based on current reclamation priorities. Landowners participating in this program are allowed to reclaim their property for a dollar amount not to exceed the forfeited bond amount. The dollar amount offered the landowner is set by the Bureau of Abandoned Mine Reclamation after it has initially investigated the abandoned mine sites. This site has historically been termed the “five fingers pile.”
Ann Rudd Saxman Nature Park – The projects undertaken in this passive county park are: retrofitting new stormwater facilities to existing sites, repair of severly eroded streambanks, and restoration of riparian areas along the banks of the stream. Practices illustrate how wise stormwater manangement can protect property and preserve the environment at the same time. The Conservation District completed the first phase of this project in the fall of 2007.
Monastery Run Abandoned Mine Drainage Treatment Project – Adjacent to Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, a series of wetland ponds helps clean abandoned mine drainage (AMD) from a deep-mine discharge before the water enters Monestary Run. This is a passive AMD treatment system (works naturally without man-made power) . As polluted mine water flows through the system, wetland plants help filter out orange particles of iron oxide. The wetlands also serve as a wildlife habitat and outdoor classroom for Saint Vincent College.