Best Management Practice (BMP) Toolkit

Poorly managed stormwater runoff can create a big problem for you and your neighbors.  It can cause localized flooding, polluted streams, and eroded streambanks.  As a homeowner, you can make an impact on stormwater management.  Read the Homeowner’s Guide to Stormwater to develop a stormwater plan for your property and use the Toolkit to install some best management practices around your home.  You can make a difference!

Southwestern Pennsylvania’s Guide to Stormwater

You Can Capture Rainwater in a Garden – RAIN GARDEN

You Can Stabilize a Streambank – RIPARIAN BUFFER

You Can Plant a Tree – TREE PLANTING

You Can Drain a Wet Spot – GRASSY SWALE

You Can Use Paving to Soak up Stormwater – PERMEABLE PAVING

You Can Capture Rainwater to Use Later – RAIN BARREL

You Can Control Your Roofwater – DRYWELL