Westmoreland Conservation District Forester Tony Quadro (l) and Forester Bill Paxton (r) measure the diameter of a swamp white oak at Legion-Keener Park in Latrobe. Photo by Ernie Sistek, Latrobe Bulletin

Attention:  Use this NEW FORM for Timber Harvest E&S Plans

Recent changes in the Pennsylvania Code that governs erosion and sediment control (Title 25, PA Chapter 102), mean that there is a new form that must be completed for timber harvests.  



Tony Quadro webTony Quadro, Forester, Assistant District Manager/Technical Programs Director, [email protected]

Forests are important for a number of reasons. One is the direct correlation between healthy forests and high-quality streams. It has been documented that, as forested buffer strips are reduced, water quality declines. Protecting, maintaining,and even creating new forested corridors along streams is essential to protecting the vitality of our water resources.

Professional forestry assistance is available through the District to help woodland owners reach their management objectives while sustaining the productivity and natural beauty of the forest. The District works with private woodland owners, foresters, loggers, developers, and various agencies to provide and help implement appropriate conservation plans.

Some of the woodland management services include:

  • Woodland Examination – determine the quality and quantity of trees and any problems that might exist through an on-site inventory and evaluation.
  • Tree Planting/Reforestation – determine the suitability of soils to help landowners get better planting results. Tubex tree shelters can be purchased through the District at a discount.
  • Habitat Improvement – help improve forest habitat for specific types of birds and animals.
  • Insect/Disease Control – provide information on insect/disease problems and methods of control.
  • Erosion/Sediment Control – help to develop erosion/sediment pollution control plans for those involved in harvesting and road building activities and assist with stream crossing permits.
  • Tree Farm Inspections – provide inspection services and membership information on the American Tree Farm System.
  • Forest Stewardship – provide information on the Pennsylvania Forest Stewardship Program that can help woodland owners manage their forests wisely. We will provide a stewardship plan for a fee.
  • Legal Information – provide information about the various Pennsylvania Laws (Act 319 Clean and Green Law, Clean Streams Law, and DEP’s Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control regulations.)
  • Urban Forestry – provide information on shade tree cultivars, site selection, and insect and disease problems.
  • Trees of Distinction – measure trees with unique qualities (largest of species, historical significance, etc.) and list in the county’s “Tree of Distinction” database.
  • Forested Buffers – provide information on the establishment of forested buffers and related cost share programs.

Contact Tony Quadro about forestry services [email protected]





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