Erosion & Sediment Control

Sediment is the number one nonpoint-source water pollutant in Westmoreland County and in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Soil washing off of active construction sites, farms, logging roads and other exposed areas often ends up in streams, ponds, lakes, and rivers, where it can cause a variety of problems — from smothering aquatic life to increasing the chance of flooding.

The District’s erosion and sediment control staff are available to meet with engineers, contractors, developers, municipal officials, farmers, and private landowners to discuss ways to minimize the erosion of streambanks, control erosion on proposed land developments, and implement conservation practices.

Contact us for…

  • Pre-application meetings for NPDES permits (plan completeness)
  • Plan design meetings
  • Permits for projects in and around streams, including: bank stabilization, road and utility crossings, and fish habitat structures
  • NPDES permits for projects that will disturb more than one acre of ground
  • Scheduling of mandatory pre-construction meetings on earthmoving sites to help ensure compliance with permits, and regulations such as the Clean Streams Law
  • Field inspection of earthmoving projects
  • Investigation of and response to complaints regarding sediment pollution, stream crossings, and so on
  • Inspection of stormwater management devices to meet the NPDES permit requirements.
  • Suggestions on how to control runoff from and on your site

PA DEP Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control Manual

Corrections to Manual

Erosion Control & Conservation Plantings on Noncropland

For more information, please contact:

Tony Quadro web

Tony Quadro
Assistant District Manager/Technical Programs Director

[email protected]

Christie Sebek
Plans and Permits Coordinator

[email protected]

Chris Droste web1

Chris Droste
Senior Erosion Control Specialist

[email protected]

Chelsea Gross Erosion Control Specialist

[email protected]

Jim Pillsbury 1 w pens webJim Pillsbury, MS, PE

Hydraulic Engineer

[email protected]

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