Increase the Value of Your Timber with a Forest Management Plan

If your timber harvest is on hold, waiting for the economy to recover, why not use this time to develop a forest management plan for your woodlot?

A forest management plan can ultimately make your timber more valuable by improving the health and quality of your woodlot, and insuring its long-term sustainability.

Our forester, Tony Quadro, can develop several kinds of plans for your site:

•a brief, forest management plan that provides general recommendations, based on a one-time visit to your site (this plan is free-of-charge), or

•a formal Forest Stewardship Plan, with more details and specific recommendations for your site. There is a fee for this more detailed service.

To request either kind of forest management plan, contact District Forester Tony Quadro or 724-837-5271.

Please note that plans will be developed on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to staff availability. Eligible woodlots must be privately owned and non-industrial. Other restrictions may apply.

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