In The Field – Monitoring Cherry Creek

14#CherryCreekIn the Field#Photo1sBrown Bullhead may not be the most good-looking member of the aquatic world, but its existence in Cherry Creek is an indication of water quality.

The District has begun monitoring this Youngwood-area stream to determine the beneficial impact of several conservation measures that are scheduled to be installed on the grounds Westmoreland County Community College over the next few years.

The largest, a .23-acre wetland along Armbrust Road, will serve to replace a nearby site that will be lost next year when PennDOT seeks to relieve congestion in New Stanton next year by relocating the ramps to I-70.

14#CherryCreekIn the Field#Photo2s

The District’s monitoring of the stream will take place for five years and, in addition to fish, will document macro invertebrates and conduct pebble counts to note any changes in the streambed. Vegetation along the stream also will be documented.

One of the District’s goals is to better quantify the beneficial effects of conservation practices.

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