Archive – Past Workshop Presentations

These presentations reflect the best available information for the time when they were given. For updated information about best management practices or current regulations, contact the District at 724-837-5271.

2019 Engineers’ Workshop Presentations

2019 Municipal Roundtable Presentations

2018 Engineers’ Workshop Presentations

2017 Engineers’ Workshop Presentations

2016 Engineers’ Workshop Presentations

2015 Engineers’ Workshop Presentations

2014 Engineers’ Workshop Presentations

2013 Engineers’s Workshop Presentations

2012 Engineers’ Workshop Presentations

2011 Engineers’ Workshop Presentations

2016 Contractors’ Workshop: Guidelines for Stormwater and Erosion Control Projects

E&S BMPs – What Works and What Doesn’t

Permits and Processes

Waste Areas

Stormwater Installation Practices

Proper Construction of Detention and Sediment Basins and their Conversions

Critical Stages with Stormwater Installations: What is Your Role?

Installation Practices for Utility Stream Crossings and Linear Projects

Streambank Stabilization Practices and Techniques

Best Management Practices for Dirt and Gravel Roads

Webinar – Impacts of Marcellus Development on Forest Lands – December 18, 2011

Click on this link.  Then click on “Recorded Webinar”.  To view the presentation by Westmoreland Conservation District Forester Tony Quadro move the slider to 39 minutes and 35 seconds.

Horse Owners Summer Seminar Series Presentations

July 20, 27 and August 3, 2011 with Dr. Ann Swinker of Penn State University

Click the title below for downloadable PDFs.

How Green Is Your farm?

Module 1 – The Grass is Always Greener Forage Biology and Grazing Management

Module 2 – The Grass is Always Greener Forge Species and Renovation

Module 7 – Basic Equine Nutrition

Small Towns Sustainable Stormwater Solutions Presentation

by Kathryn Hamilton, RLA, ASLA from the 2011 ASLA PA/DE Meeting

Small Towns Sustainable Stormwater Solutions