2019 Annual Appeal

Planting Trees and Supporting Forest Health Dear conservation friend, Trees are hard-working conservationists – they filter rain before it enters our streams, hold back stormwater, improve air quality, provide habitat, and add beauty to our lives. This year, the District has been celebrating trees and the people who steward them.* And we plan, with your […]

Small acts. Big results.

Small acts. Big results.

Small Acts. Big Results. Wondering what you can do to help conserve Westmoreland County? Lots! And they’re often not hard or time-consuming at all. A new District publication offers 70 easy and inexpensive suggestions that make a difference for conservation — from switching to LED light bulbs and monitoring your car’s tire pressure, to recycling […]

Westmoreland Conservation District Annual Report

Westmoreland Conservation District Annual Report Despite rain…and more rain…and perhaps the most rain any of our staff can ever remember falling in one year…we still accomplished a lot for conservation in 2018. Our just-completed annual report looks at those many accomplishments. Thanks to all who partnered with us to make so many good things happen […]

2019 Envirothon Winners Announced

2019 Envirothon Winners Announced Yough Senior High School was the winner of the Westmoreland County 2019 Envirothon.  This event, held at Twin Lakes County Park, featured 20 teams from 10 local high schools.  Teams tested their knowledge of the natural world to see who will represent Westmoreland County at the state competition on May 21 […]