Abandoned Mine in South Huntingdon Township Reclaimed by Landowner

A large landowner reclamation project was recently completed in South Huntington Township, Westmoreland County, adjacent to the town of Wyano. This 60 plus acre site once showed the ugly scars of past surface and deep mining. The former owners and operators left the property in disrepair by not reclaiming the property as required, thus forfeiting their reclamation bond.

The recently new owner of the property is Triple C Recycling, managed by Charles Casturo. He was approached by the Westmoreland Conservation District and PA Department of Environmental Protection to reclaim the property using the bond forfeiture funds allocated by the State Conservation Commission. Mr Casturo was more than willing to assist with the project, and in 2010 contracted with the Westmoreland Conservation District to perform the work. Over the past several years Mr. Casturo has worked to not only remove the  scars of past mining, but has gone above and beyond to improve the property beyond the scope of work and allocated funds. Using heavy equipment, the land was reshaped to more closely resemble the natural landscape. In addition, biosolids were used as a soil amenity to boost nutrient and pH levels to a point capable of sustaining vegetation.  This once unproductive, uneven and barren land has been transformed into a more natural, productive and lush landscape.

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