2019 Annual Appeal

Planting Trees and Supporting Forest Health

Dear conservation friend,

Trees are hard-working conservationists – they filter rain before it enters our streams, hold back stormwater, improve air quality, provide habitat, and add beauty to our lives.

This year, the District has been celebrating trees and the people who steward them.*

And we plan, with your help, to continue that emphasis into 2020 by planting upwards of 400 trees and native understory shrubs in Ann Rudd Saxman Nature Park and 12 specimen trees at the arboretum on our conservation campus.

To accomplish this important work, we hope to raise $25,000 in this annual appeal.

All donations will go to

  • restoring the tree and forest health of one of the few significant wooded tracts in Westmoreland County’s busiest commercial area, Ann Rudd Saxman Nature Park, and
  • adding and professionally tending existing trees in the five-acre arboretum on our conservation campus next door.

We greatly appreciate your support of this effort, and your continuing support of conservation.

Happy holidays!

Greg Phillips

District Manager/CEO

*Forest stewards Lewis and Kate Lobdell and the Westmoreland Woodlands Improvement Association were the winners of the 2019 District awards

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