West Nile Virus Program Technician Job Description



This position is responsible for the implementing the Mosquito Borne Disease Control Program in Westmoreland County.  The program involves education about West Nile Virus, Mosquito surveillance (both larval and adult stages are sampled), and implementing mosquito larval control.  Data entry will be required for all surveillance and control activity.  In addition, during non-mosquito program months, this position will provide technical support to the erosion control and other technical programs as assigned.



Conduct education about the County’s mosquito surveillance and control program on a one-to-one basis and in group settings.  Education may take place at the District headquarters, municipal buildings, schools, radio programs, or one on one.

Take larval samples at sites with mosquito breeding habitat and standing water where there is concern for mosquito borne disease transmission or nuisance populations.  A minimum of ten (10) samples per week will be taken and submitted to the PA DEP lab for identification.  Adult surveillance will begin on May 1 and continue through September 30.  Adults will be trapped and samples submitted to the DEP lab on the day of collection.

When mosquito larvae are found, the appropriate level control method will be utilized.  Larval control may consist of elimination of the breeding habitat, or it may involve the use of an approved pesticide.  Larvae control will be done to control both disease vector and nuisance populations when appropriate.

No adult mosquito control will be done by this position.

All response efforts will be coordinated with the DEP Regional West Nile Virus Coordinator.

All surveillance activity must be entered into the DEP’s internal mosquito database.

Other non-mosquito control duties may include:  administrative erosion control program duties, site inspection for erosion control program compliance, and other technical program duties as assigned by the Assistant District Manager/Technical Programs Director.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Entomology, Environmental Resource Management, Biology or related field is recommended.