Westmoreland County’s roots are deep in agriculture and family farms. A major reason the Westmoreland Conservation District was formed in 1949 was to help county farmers conserve soil and water resources on their land.

Farmers who are seeking assistance with nutrient management, cost share programs, and more profitable and efficient ways to run their animal feeding operations are encouraged to talk with the District staff. We can provide technical assistance and information on a vareity of helpful resources.

Contact us for information on…
  • Manure management plans, nutrient management plans, commercial planners, and professional engineers who will design the installation of Ag Best Management Practices (BMPs) on farms to protect streams and other waterways. Some of these BMPs include waste-storage structures, stabilized barnyards and alleyways, roof runoff management systems, and vegetated filter strips.
  • Streambank stabilization, which may be needed where streams are eroding and threatening permanent structures. Cost share programs may be available to assist with funding these efforts.
  • Conservation plans and ag erosion and sedimentation plans.
  • Rotational grazing, a conservation alternative to confinement housing for animals.

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Please contact:

Dan Griffith,

Nutrient Management Specialist/Agricultural Conservation Technician 



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