2019 Engineers’ Workshop Presentations

If you would like a PDF of one, or all of these, please email Jen@wcdpa.com  Specify which presentation(s) you would like and we will email it to you as a PDF attachment.


Programmatic Updates –Dana Drake, P.E., Environmental Program Manager, Waterways and Wetlands, Southwest Regional Office, PA DEP


Making Your E&S Plan Work in the Field: A Case Study – Chris Droste, CESCO, CESCP, Senior Erosion Control Specialist, Westmoreland Conservation District


Special Conservation Topic: Partnering with MS4 Communities – Kathy Hamilton, PLA, Stormwater  Technician, Westmoreland Conservation District


Annual Precipitation Data – Justin DeCarlucci, Conservation Programs Technologist, Westmoreland Conservation District


Westmoreland Conservation District Administrative Updates – Christie Sebek, Plans and Permits Coordinator, Westmoreland Conservation District


Designing for PennDOT – Bryan Vogelsang, P.E., Environmental Engineers Department Manager and David Cutlip, Environmental Services Division Manager, Markosky Engineering Group, Inc.


NPDES Highlights –Jim Pillsbury, M.S., P.E., Hydraulic Engineer, Westmoreland Conservation District


The following presentations can only be obtained by email request at this time (PDF).  Send your request to jen@wcdpa.com specifying which presentation(s) you would like.

What is with All the Landslides in Western Pennsylvania? (A Geotechnical Engineer’s Perspective)-Mark Brashear, P.E., Senior Engineer, Pennsylvania Soil and Rock, Inc.


Integrated Water Resources Plan (IWRP) Tools –Kathy Hamilton, PLA, Stormwater Technician, Westmoreland Conservation District


Stormwater Management from a Municipal Perspective – Ruth Hocker, P.E., D.WRE, CFM, Stormwater Program Manager, Public Works – Stormwater Bureau, City of Lancaster