District Staff

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Karen Barnhart, Fiscal Administrator, karen@wcdpa.com

Rob Cronauer, Watershed Program Manager, rob@wcdpa.com

Justin DeCarlucci, Conservation Programs Technologist, justin@wcdpa.com

Sandy Donovan, Receptionist/Administrative Assistant, receptionist@wcdpa.com

Chris Droste, Senior Erosion Control Specialist, chris@wcdpa.com

Sandy Dzendzel, Director of Administration, sandy@wcdpa.com

Dan Griffith, Nutrient Management Specialist/Agricultural Conservation Technician, dan@wcdpa.com

Chelsea Gross, Erosion Control Specialist, chelseag@wcdpa.com

Andrea Halfhill, West Nile Virus Program  Technician, andrea@wcdpa.com

Kathy Hamilton, Landscape Architect/Stormwater Technician, kathyh@wcdpa.com

Alyssa Harden, AmeriCorps Service Member, americorps@wcdpa.com

Mark Jackson, Visual Communication Specialist, mark@wcdpa.com

Janette Novak, Education Program Coordinator, jen@wcdpa.com

Greg Phillips, District Manager/CEO, greg@wcdpa.com

Jim Pillsbury, Hydraulic Engineer, jim@wcdpa.com

Tony Quadro, Assistant District Manager/Technical Programs Director/Forester, tony@wcdpa.com

Kodie Rearick, AmeriCorps Service Member, americorps2@wcdpa.com

Christie Sebek, Plans and Permits Coordinator, christie@wcdpa.com

Chelsea Walker, Watershed Specialist, chelsea@wcdpa.com

Technical Programs  Secretary – vacant



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